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Schacoustics is back!


You may already have noticed from LinkedIn or Facebook? After a few years at a very low activity level, due to full time employments in other companies, Schacoustics has been re-launched and we are more than ready to take your challenge.


HQ is still in the well known property close to Struer, the City of Sound but in addition we have accepted an invitation being a part of Sound Hub Denmark located in the buildings that hosted Bang & Olufsen’s R&D for decades. This includes a satellite office, full access to all listening, measurement and meeting facilities and to the highly skilled professional network there. We have now access to two more listening rooms, a reverberation chamber and huge and advanced free field facilities etc. Equipment from e.g. Listen Soundcheck, Audio Precision, Loudsoft, G.R.A.S. among others are now added to the list.




At ‘home’ we have upgraded our computers and internet connection to fulfill the standards of today. Software has been updated as well and data safety is improved by adding hard disk mirroring to the already existing on-line backup routine.



On the equipment side the Audiomatica Clio system has been upgraded to USB2 interface and the most recent software v12.5. Clio is maybe not the most sophisticated measurement system – but very flexible, simple to operate and extremely stable. It is a very efficient, reliable tool and thus valuable tool for the daily day work. If even higher standard is needed a lot of options are available at Sound Hub Denmark.




The future

The business is already fully up and running but we are looking very much forward to more exciting tasks in the local, national or global audio industry. Please feel free to take contact if you should have any further questions or enquiries.


Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

Jens Schönemann-Paul

M.Sc.E.E. (acoustics)

technical consultant & owner


+45 69 10 32 74

+45 30 95 32 74


schacoustics aps

vester ringgade 18

DK-7600 Struer





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